Weather API Query Builder

Here we let you play with every single API service and parameter. Use this tool to test how the API responds to various inputs.

The blue sections provide descriptions of the API services and inputs. Click the icon next to an item to see the official documentation for this feature.

Light areas are interactive. Make selections and fill in values here.

Once you have looked through all the possible arguments and refinements, click the request button to call the API.

To assist you in understanding our API arguments, we use several icons to indcate the category of the task that the argument performs.

A form of authentication, usually an API token, sometimes an API key.
Filter returned stations or observations. Remeber that all filters are cumulative.
Change the information returned (e.g. change output units)
Change the behavior of the API (e.g. list tokens instead of create)
Change the order of returned stations

Your API Address
API Root

Select your service

Which API service would you like to try out? Think of a service as what kind of information you want to get from the API. Do you want metadata? Do you want a timeseries of observations?

You can only utilize one service at a time (per request) from the API, so we'll start by picking which serice you want to try/use.

Do you have a token?

While we welcome users using this tool anonymously, if you have an API account, we recommend using a token you generated from that account to use this app.

Please an API token you own here, and we'll use it to make queries. Make sure to use a token generated from your API key, and not the key itself.

If you don't have an API account, that's ok, we'll use a temporary token for you.


Oops. Too far

Select which API service you want to use to continue

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